The passion for art revealed itself in childhood; Ludmila always displayed her talent in drawings whenever she had the opportunity to express herself with a simple sketching tool. In her notebooks, where pages became a colorful and blooming field of experimentation, two distinct facets emerged: the artistic, with charming decorations on the margins, and the logical, evident in the precise calculations of exact sciences. Although she graduated as a civil engineer in 2018, Ludmila couldn't stay away from art, which prompted her to embark, in 2019, on a career as an illustrator.
Throughout her journey, Ludmila lived in several countries, including the United States, Australia, and Portugal, before deciding, in 2023, to take a decisive step and build, together with her family, a house on wheels. This fusion between her technical background and her artistic passion literally took her beyond borders, providing a life rich in experiences and inspirations.

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